Posted by: Rob | June 11, 2007

If I Had a Hammer

In about an hour, we’ll gather downstairs to make our way to the Upper Ninth Ward, where we’ll begin doing our a bit to help New Orleans rebound. In some ways, our trek around the French Quarter yesterday left me feeling like things hadn’t changed that much. Live music blasted from everywhere and folks walking down Bourbon, Decatur, or St. Louis Streets seemed to be, well, enjoying themselves.

At yesterday’s French Market Creole Tomato Festival, we heard Frankie Ford and his band tear through “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” and a few other tunes. We tasted delicious stuffed tomatoes made by renowned New Orleans chef/vocalist Leah Chase, who was doing a demonstration and handed out free samples. This grid of streets near the Mississippi is the part of New Orleans that, for the most part, was spared by the storms of 2005. At dinner last night, we all seemed to be of the same mind: It feels great to be here, despite a sort of eerieness in the air, and we’re all ready to get started. One thing is for sure, it is a lot hotter here. The morning deejay on WWOZ, the local jazz station, just informed the listeners that the city may hit a 30-year high of 95 degrees today. And away we go! It is an honor to be representing Berklee down in New Orleans.


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