Posted by: jlogue | June 12, 2007


Since I have yet to post, I feel like there are too many things swimming in my head, all shouting for my attention as I type.  Perhaps that is a good way to begin the blog…

Being that we are here for just one week, I feel like I will most definitely miss many things about this place that make it unique.  The primary reason for the trip is, of course, the work with Habitat for Humanity.  The nature of our work and the weather come together to make exhaustion win out over exploring the city, I think.  Yet, the work we are doing is fulfilling and important–even if frustrating at times.  The numerous volunteers, the heat, the skills required for some of the projects (and required explanations to go along), and other factors come together and make the less patient wish for a more “organized” day.  That said, however, I am exploring my own ability to be patient and have found the Habitat site to be a learning experience.

Exploring Habitat for Humanity and the lives of the people to whom we have been introduced because of our involvement in this project will be a fascinating experience. I am thrilled that Berklee has given us the chance to do this and am lucky to join the others on this trip.  We are learning about people who lost everything (material) yet have seemed to gain so many other things (insight, wisdom, perspective, faith…) from the hurricane that took place two years ago.  tool room


All of that said, we have managed to explore the city–including the voodoo museum.  Once I learn this site, I will post pictures from the voodoo museum.  It was a pretty interesting place.



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