Posted by: Kris | June 12, 2007

Lawd, it’s HOT

Spent the day crawling under a house with Matt, Roya, and Catherine, installing insulation.  It was hard work, but I was grateful to be out of the sun for the majority of the day.  The sun here is NO. JOKE.   Slather on the SPF 2000 every 30 minutes.  Seriously.  It was exciting to see a project through to completion today.  To look at a house, and say “I did that.”  I took the liberty of branding my name and today’s date into one of the beams under the house. Food here is great and on every corner is music.  At lunch break on the site today, one of the Musicians Village residents and Brazilian musician, Ricardo, invited us over to his home for a little concert on his porch.  When someone asked him if he played the Blues, Ricardo said, “Yeah, but playing the Blues is like a feeling.  And I don’t feel that way now.  I feel love and celebration.”  With that, he broke out into “No Woman No Cry”.


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