Posted by: Roya | June 13, 2007

About Face!

It’s day two at the Musicians’ Village and I continue to be amazed by my Berklee colleagues and their dedication to the project. Today felt a little like Habitat Boot Camp (in a good way). Kris, Matt, Catherine and I spent the entire day insulating one of the handicap accessible homes in the Musicians’ Village. We had to do an army crawl to get under the house. The fiber glass insulation was our barbed wire and we had to be careful not to cut ourselves. We also had guns. Okay, they were just staple guns, but still cool. By the end of the day, we were covered in dirt and basically camouflaged. The experience tested us and brought us closer together. The sense of community was palpable.
Kris Quinones, Matt Iorlano, and Catherine Boger



  1. Great picture Roya!. I love the eye-wear. I know the weather hasn’t been your friend this week – that must be super hard. It’s a balmy 56º here today so we feel your pain. All joking aside, keep up the good work for it truly is GOOD work. A few months from now, real families will be living and making homes in those buildings. That’s really good.

    See you all soon.


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