Posted by: jclinks | June 13, 2007

Started this blog Tues. before dinner…

Riccardo was awesome yesterday!!! He provided us and many others with shade and entertainment during the lunch break. He played many different songs, from previously mentioned “No Woman, No Cry,” to “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and some Beatles. He added in some of his original Brazilian sound and a few of his original songs, which were very good. Riccardo was a great example to all the volunteers of the musical talent that this city has to offer and why we should be proud of what we are doing here. He made all comers feel as though they were family, and treated us accordingly. This was just one example of how the general feel of the day was upbeat and positive; I felt a real sense of community within the ranks of the volunteers today. I met a group of guys from Missouri, a father, son and two guys that work with the father as contractors. We talked about sports and traded jokes while putting in posts that will be fencing for two back yards in this community. As well as a girl from Colorado University that was given the name Sledge because of her work with a sledgehammer during the day. Once again the sun was brutal, but not as bad as day one, in which we hit a record high in the heat index for the date in New Orleans. The heat however couldn’t stop us as we got much more done on this day in terms of work an meeting others who felt the need to lend a helping hand to these communities.


Accurate fence post placement requires huge amounts of concentration.


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