Posted by: Christopher | June 14, 2007

Day 3

Today we arrived at the work site and managed to hook up with a crew working on two houses with a lot of work left to do.

I paired up with a couple of Memphians and we worked on installing fascia and soffit all day. First we nailed in a strip to hold the soffit (if I understand the terms correctly…), down the length of the house.

Then we started measuring out how wide to cut the soffit that goes under the overhang (photo by R. Hochschild).

Kris, Roya, and Matt were hammering away at the floor of the house next door. Roya is in the front with the black hat. Kris and Matt are wearing the yellow hard hats. Kris is in a blue shirt, Matt to her left in a white shirt, leaning over.

This evening we met up with a group of Berklee alumni and a few soon to be first year students for some food and conversation, which was a blast!

Then we headed over to Frenchman street with a couple of Alumni and heard some excellent music…


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