Posted by: Rob | June 14, 2007

RAIN O’er Me

Day two at the Alvez St. house site was my favorite of our four days so far at Musicians’ Village. We had one person from Oklahoma, one from Maryland, one from Americorps, and three from Berklee working all day carefully making sure we were creating a level floor. This involved a lot of hammering and removing of nails, leveling of boards, and even standing on cross-boards to help make everything flush. You do what you have to. The weather was a little better (we had some clouds and a much-needed ten-minute rain break) but what made it really great was the deepening of our collaborative efforts. I guess you could say it’s something like what happens when a band plays together for a long time. We were starting to fall into sync, getting smarter about what we were doing, making real progress, and yes, having fun.


That’s me, attempting to get the floor level. Note the substandard application of sunblock.


Jenna is way up on the ladder, showing us all how to putty and prime.


Kris waits out the rain on the porch.


Roya and Matt dream of someday cohosting a home improvement show of their own. Great idea, guys, but consider keeping those day gigs.


Our Habitat group leader Eric Trombley, who just happens to be a drummer from the Boston area, gives us our end of the day wrap-up talk. He says we’ve all been doing a great job, and hands out Habitat t-shirts to show his appreciation.


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