Posted by: Christopher | June 15, 2007

Strange to think

My local paper ran a story about this trip! I am quoted as saying that “”I know what a big hot Southern city on the Mississippi is like.” My family has lived in Memphis for a couple of decades, but as much as I might be familiar with heat like we worked in this week, or southern cooking or living next to the Mississippi, I know very little about New Orleans or about a city as wounded as this one, as I learn more and more each day.

Here is a ‘house’ directly across the street from the homes we were working on earlier in the week:

The same news article quotes Aleis Tusa, a Habitat for Humanity spokesperson: “A lot of neighborhoods are still devastated. It’s strange to think two years later we have people living in FEMA trailers.”

Strange to think, but true:



  1. Hi Christopher – I co-led a group of teens & adults from NJ the week after your group from Berklee was in NOLA; we also worked in the in the Musicians Village – on the same row of houses. (I have that exact shot of the white wooden house directly across the street.) I am so glad to see Berklee is conscious of those who need help; my son will apply to Berklee this year (for Fall 2008) and loved the trip so I’m glad to see this is offered there. My group is going back next year – I hope yours is too. Deb

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