Posted by: jclinks | June 19, 2007

New Orleans, Taught Me

I learned a lot on this trip, not just about me.
Learned so much about the 7 people, that came with me to see,
the devastation of Katrina and result of her work.
Making 7 new friends… I’ll just call it a perk.

We came together like so many do for this mission,
No know how, no comprehension, no vision.
Clay pieces if you will, sculpted into something worth while.
Looking to help doing anything, I’ll move them objects a mile.

As much as the media would like us to believe,
it wasn’t mother nature that did this deed.
A faulty levy and government are the villans in this plot,
So many people, 2 years later, still with no spot.

Can’t take that for an answer… pack up the gear and go.. to the disaster.
I got to do something… leave my fingerprint on history, that something is go down there and relieve the misery.

The week went by so quick, after the first day.
The sun beats you down, like the fists of.. Cassius.. Clay.
I eat those blows and scream out for more,
this physical pain I feel.. doesn’t match what others have to endure.
So give me a hammer and my 2 by 4… here is your floor.
I said give me some more. Here are your walls…and here is your door.
And last but not least here is your roof. Here is your house, I hope this is proof. Your not alone, somebody does care, it’s this guy in the Red Sox hat, with Red Sox ink, the one and only, ya boy J Clink.

And I can’t forget about the rest of my troops,
Shout outs to Kris, Chris, Matt, Roya, Rob, Catherine, and Jenna…
My Berklee group.
And I guess it would be wrong to leave out.. my boy Brian,
who can forget him sitting in the shade.. talking about how he’s dying.

One Love N.O.L.A.!!!


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