Posted by: jlogue | June 21, 2007

We’re back here…now what?

Now that I have been back to my “real life” for nearly a week, I realize how deeply my experience in New Orleans touched me.   Reading Kris’s and Jason’s post-trip reflection caused me to pause and reflect, too.  I, too, want to thank Berklee for allowing us to participate in this amazing trip.  It is an honor to work for an institution that is dedicated to civic engagement enough to send 8 of its staff members to New Orleans.  Our time away from the college and money they spent are huge resources and a truly meaningful contribution to a worthy cause.  New Orleans and Berklee fit together in a way that makes our trip reasonable.  Of course Berklee staff would go to New Orleans and work on the Musicians’ Village.  Why not?

I could not have asked for a better group with which to spend my time.  The week was wonderful and each of the Berklee (+1 honorary Berklee) folks was truly inspiring.  We went about our work without complain, without pause, without hesitation.  We did what we went to do and then some, I would imagine.

And now, we’re back.

Now what?  What will come of this? How will Berklee continue to support the efforts to rebuild and revitalize the musicians of New Orleans?  How will the group of us continue to support one another?  What will come of the work we did last week?  Who will live in those houses?

Good questions and hopefully, good answers.



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