Posted by: Rob | August 28, 2007

Two Years After

August 29, 2007 marks the two year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting land on the Gulf Coast near New Orleans. As the date approaches, media coverage abounds, so I thought I would share some of what I have read and heard. Below are links to several news sources, but this is just a just small sampling, so please respond with your posts and comments listing additional reports.

New Orleans Times Picayune
Reading New Orleans’s newspaper of record is probably the best way to keep up with everything related to the post-Katrina environment, as well as all things New Orleans.

The Times-Picayune’s “Two Years Later” Blog
A collection of news reports—and readers’ reactions—relating to New Orleans two years after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the region.

New York Times: The Katrina Effect, Measured in Gigs
It is much more of a struggle for gigging musicians to make a living in the Crescent City. “Still, nearly two years after Katrina, there are fewer restaurants and bars offering live music, and the ones that do are paying less, musicians say. As the reality of the slow recovery has set in, fewer locals feel that they can afford cover charges or even tips, so clubs that used to have live music four or five nights a week have cut back to two or three.” (From article by Andrew Park, NYTimes, August 5, 2007)

Boston Globe: Homeless on the Rise in New Orleans
Rents on the rise, and while the N.O. population has dropped sharply, the number of homeless people has doubled.

Time magazine: A New Orleans photo essay

The Tavis Smiley Show: The Hope and Help for New Orleans
Public radio’s Tavis Smiley focused a two-hour radio show around New Orleans last week. One of his guests, Angela Glover Blackwell, founder and CEO of PolicyLink, talked about a report her organization had just issued on the state of recovery in New Orleans. Follow the link above, but among the statements she made were these:

“There are reasons to be hopeful, but hope needs help. It needs help in the form of the federal government assisting local and state and community-based organizations and individual effort in order to create the New Orleans we can all be proud of. … if the federal government becomes a catalyst and provides leadership to live up to the promise that the president made on September 15 (2005), that we were going to create a better New Orleans.

NPR’s On the Media: Down in the Flood
Learn how New Orleans media are faring two years later.

Radio commentary from Times-Picayune columnist Chris Rose
Listen to a cogent explanation of why people have stayed.

USA Today on New Orleans
This is a fairly comprehensive collection of journalism from America’s most national—and most colorful—newspaper.


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